Filing your Documents – A Quick Guide

Need Help with Filing? If you’re struggling with preparing your files and boxes, Rentastore is happy to offer its premises as well as the service of its expert staff to help you with the process. If you need help, get in touch and we can assist in all or some of the below steps in the cataloguing procedure.

Bring your files to us

We know that boxing and cataloguing require quite a lot of space, which you might not have. But we do! You can bring all your files to our offices and make the most of our space.

Our experts will guide and help you

The boxing and cataloguing process requires a certain discipline and familiarity. Our operations department handles tens of thousands of boxes a year and our experts are always willing to advise you as well as to help you box and catalogue.

We will provide you with a plan for the process before the operation begins. Thanks to years of experience and the integration of logistics, operations and good management, what would normally be perceived as a confusing process is a today a smooth migration of document boxes regardless of the amount or state of the document boxes we receive.

What you’ll need to do

Your compliance officer will need to come over to Rentastore’s offices to handle the cataloguing according to your company’s objectives.

We’re with you every step of the way

Expert members from our operations department will supervise the process and will also assist by providing manpower to handle the physical side of boxing. This has been found to be both efficient as well as of great assistance.