About Rentastore

Our Service is What Sets us Apart and Includes:

Online Access

Access to your box and file information through our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year


Tracking of every box, file and document with precision and accuracy


Secured vehicles and bonded personnel to pick up and deliver your information – whether standard timing, a rush job or an emergency, we'll make sure you get your information on time

Schedule Management

Retention schedule management that allows you to destroy records at the appropriate time

Superior Storage

Storing large or small volumes of records in a facility that is clean, secure and environmentally sound

Scanning Solutions

Scanning solutions for any type of document – collect, scan and index your specification

A Commitment to Quality

Our team at Rentastore is committed to providing a complete and quality records management service which meets and exceeds the needs and expectations of our customers.


It is Rentastore’s objective to perform at optimum efficiency in every aspect of its operation in order to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.


As part of our commitment to quality, our staff are fully trained in all aspects of records management, including procedures, work instructions, and the key elements of customer service.

This is How We Maintain our Superior Service

We always have adequate resources, including staff and equipment, to meet your needs

We adopt a ''get it right the first time'' approach to all our work

All our staff are adequately trained

We continuously strive for improvement

Innovation is Key

At Rentastore we strive to remain at the top of our game and we rigorously explore and investigate new and innovative service lines in order to be able to offer more and better services.

Why Choose us?

Since its inception, Rentastore has become an industry leader on the Maltese Islands in all the services it offers.


We pride ourselves in providing the appropriate solutions to your document management needs. Though the motivation for managing records may have shifted and risks expanded in recent years, the core problems customers seek to solve have not changed.


We keep on top of our game by staying informed about emerging digital technologies. We make the most of these technologies in order to incorporate new solutions to meet our customers’ changing needs and challenges.

What’s so Special about Argonite?

Argonite is an inert gas that consists of argon and nitrogen. It suppresses fire by depleting oxygen in the protected space. The gas has numerous advantages: it is environmentally safe and requires minimal post-fire cleanup.


The argonite fire suppression system therefore offers effective fire protection with zero environmental impact. It is also extremely safe, offering peace of mind that your documents are safe from fire damage.