Trust Rentastore to store your documents safely and securely at our professional archives

Protect your data from disaster

Moving data to a separate, offsite location dilutes risk and protects against data loss when, for example, the company’s physical site is damaged by fire, water, or other natural disasters.

Our archiving process is a clear and simple one that has been refined to be efficient and effective.

How do I prepare my documents for archiving?

You will be provided with empty document boxes

Select the files or documents you wish to insert into the box

Each box has a unique barcode and seal to ensure ultimate privacy and security

Place the files or documents into the box

Seal the box and affix the barcode on it

Repeat for every other box, each with its unique barcode

Get in touch with us to arrange pickup

We’ll do the rest

Our delivery person will check the boxes onsite

Once at our stores, the boxes are inputted into our archiving software and archived in our stores

Fill in our form and one of our representatives will contact you within the next working day.