Shred your documents securely and effectively

Scheduled Service Programme

At Rentastore, we make document destruction both convenient and secure every time. Our operator will pick up the confidential materials at your location and transport them back to the shredding facilty where the material is sent through an industrial shred process.


The shred is then baled and sent to a secure paper mill for recycling.

Why Shred?

Prevent identity theft

If you don’t shred your documents you run the risk of someone going through your refuse. This could mean they can gain access to private information: not just yours, but client data too.

Free up space

It is no news that papers and boxes take up important and expensive space. Shredding helps you free up space at home and at the office, which in turn eliminates the dangers that come with overfull cupboards and cabinets.

Save the environment

Thanks to our partnership with our recycling partners, all your shredded papers will be recycled, allowing them to be turned into new products.

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